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Knitting Books
Books to Help you with your Knitting and to Read for your Enjoyment!

Top Down Knitting
Cabin Fevers Need A....? Series
Patons Little Books
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Knitting from the Top Down

Knitting from the top down is one of our favorite techniques.
Easy to knit, easy to fit, and easy finishing!

Many of our Grand View patterns are designed using this technique and we also watch for good patterns and books using this method. Some of the best we have found are the top down designs from Cabin Fever. Their books cover patterns for Toddlers, age 1 - 6; Cardigans for adults; Cardigans for preemies - 18 months; Sweaters and Accessories for Teens age 8 - 18; plus a book on Hats, another on Socks, an additional Baby Cardigan book Newborn - 18 months, and the newest of their books is the adult Cardigan in plus sizes.

Top Down for Toddlers

Features more than 20 designs for ages 1 thru 6, all in DK or Sport weight yarn at 5 1/2 sts to 1 in. Pullovers, cardigans, a knit sweatshirt, hats, socks and a poncho. Worked in solids, Fair Isles, textures, stripes, lace and cables. ($22.95) Temporarily out of print thru mid-2015

Button Up Your Top Down

Contains 3 basic cardigans in DK at 5 1/2 sts to 1 inch and 3 in Worsted or Aran weight at 4˝sts to 1 inch. With a choice of square, crew or V-Neck and any sleeve length from short to long. And even includes a pretty lacy bordered cardigan. ($24.95)

Baby V

Contains an assortment of cardigans for Preemie to 18 months with a comfortable slight V-shaped neck. Styles range from girly lace to handsome looks for boys. Even includes patterns for matching hats and socks! All knit in DK yarn at 5 1/2 sts to 1 inch. ($19.95)

Teens & Tweens

Sweaters & Accessories for boys and girls ages 8-18. Contains sweaters knit top down or bottom up and even a wonderful cabled hoodie for boys or girls knit in multiple directions. Accessories include a tam, beanie, scarves, mittlets, leg warmers, boot caps and neck warmers. Knit in assorted weight yarns. ($19.95)